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Fast. Safe. Very simple. The KDS and KES cable entries enable a tool-free, IP66-sealed feed-through for unassembled and assembled cables and hoses. The feed-through openings can be
adapted at any time to meet your requirements.

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Split Cable Glands

Conta-Clip Cable Entry Systems: Efficient and Secure Cable Management

Conta-Clip IP rated Cable Entry Systems provide a reliable solution for managing and organizing cables in control panels, machinery, and enclosures. Designed for ease of installation and robust performance, these systems help maintain the integrity of your electrical setups by ensuring secure and organized cable entry.

Key Features

Easy Installation: Quick and simple installation process, reducing assembly time and labor costs.

Secure Cable Management: Provides firm and secure cable fixation, preventing slippage and ensuring safety.

Modular Design: Flexible and modular design allows for easy customization and expansion to fit various cable sizes and configurations.

High Protection Rating: Offers high ingress protection (up to IP66/IP67), safeguarding against dust, water, and other contaminants.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and durability.

Wide Range of Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate different cable diameters and quantities.

Vibration Resistant: Designed to withstand vibrations, making them ideal for industrial and mobile applications.

Tool-Free Assembly: Many models feature tool-free assembly, enhancing convenience and speed of installation.


Control Panels: Ensures organized and secure cable entry in electrical control panels.

Industrial Machinery: Suitable for managing cables in various types of industrial equipment and machinery.

Automation Systems: Ideal for use in automated systems requiring organized cable management.

Telecommunications: Provides effective cable entry solutions for telecom equipment and networks.

Renewable Energy Systems: Used in solar and wind energy installations to manage and protect cables.

Building Automation: Suitable for building management systems and HVAC controls.

Marine and Offshore: Designed to withstand harsh environments in marine and offshore applications.


Improved Safety: Secure cable fixation prevents hazards associated with loose or tangled cables.

Enhanced Organization: Keeps cables neatly organized, facilitating easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

Reduced Installation Time: Quick and easy installation process saves time and reduces labor costs.

Versatile Application: Flexible and modular design allows for use in a wide range of applications.

Reliable Protection: High ingress protection rating ensures cables are safeguarded against environmental factors.

Long-Lasting Performance: Durable materials and robust construction ensure reliable, long-term use.

Types of Conta-Clip Cable Entry Systems


Material: High-quality plastic or metal for robust and durable performance.

Ingress Protection: Up to IP66/IP67 for excellent dust and water resistance.

Temperature Range: Suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures, depending on the model.

Cable Diameters: Accommodates various cable diameters for flexibility in different applications.

Mounting Options: Multiple mounting options available, including screw-on and snap-in designs.

Why Choose Conta-Clip Cable Entry Systems?

Conta-Clip Cable Entry Systems offer an efficient and reliable solution for managing and organizing cables in a variety of applications. With features such as easy installation, secure cable fixation, and high protection ratings, these systems ensure the safety and integrity of your electrical setups. Whether for industrial machinery, control panels, or telecommunications, Conta-Clip provides the perfect cable entry solution for your needs.

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Optimize your cable management with Conta-Clip Cable Entry Systems. Explore our extensive range to find the ideal products for your specific applications.


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