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Timers & Monitoring Relays

We offer an extensive range of monitoring relays from premium European manufacturers; Tele-Haase, Schrack, and Conta-Clip, to measure and monitor current, voltage, temperature, frequency, level, power factor and active power. We also carry a large range of timers, and time clock control relays.

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Schrack Timers & Monitoring Relays: Precision Control for Optimal Performance

Schrack Timers and monitoring relays are essential components in automation and control systems, providing precise timing functions and continuous monitoring of electrical parameters. These devices ensure efficient operation, protection, and maintenance of various electrical systems and machinery.

Key Features

Accurate Timing Functions: Provides precise control of on/off cycles and timing delays.

Continuous Monitoring: Monitors electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and frequency.

Fault Detection: Identifies and alerts on faults or abnormal conditions for preventive maintenance.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for use in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

High Reliability: Ensures consistent performance and durability in demanding environments.

Compact Design: Space-saving design for easy integration into control panels.


Industrial Automation: Used in machinery and process control to manage timing sequences and monitor system performance.

Building Automation: Controls lighting, HVAC, and security systems for efficient building management.

Energy Management: Monitors and controls electrical loads to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.

Safety Systems: Ensures the proper functioning of safety equipment and emergency systems.

Motor Control: Provides timing and monitoring functions for motor protection and control.

Telecommunications: Manages timing and monitoring functions in communication systems and networks.

Renewable Energy: Used in solar and wind power installations to ensure reliable monitoring and grid isolation


Enhanced Efficiency: Optimizes operation and energy usage through precise control and monitoring.

Improved Safety: Detects faults and abnormal conditions, preventing equipment damage and ensuring safety.

Reduced Downtime: Enables preventive maintenance by identifying issues early, reducing system downtime.

User-Friendly Interface: Simple programming and configuration for ease of use.

Flexibility: Suitable for a wide range of applications and customizable to specific needs.

Cost-Effective: Reduces operational costs by optimizing performance and preventing costly repairs.

Types of Timers & Monitoring Relays


Time Range: Wide range of adjustable time settings to suit various applications.

Voltage Range: Compatible with different voltage levels for broad applicability.

Current Rating: Designed to handle specific current ratings for reliable performance.

Contact Configuration: Available in different contact configurations (e.g., SPDT, DPDT) for various control requirements.

Protection Rating: High IP ratings for protection against dust and water, ensuring reliable operation.

Mounting Options: Various mounting configurations such as DIN rail, panel, or plug-in for easy installation.

Why Choose Our Timers & Monitoring Relays?

Our timers and monitoring relays are engineered for precision, reliability, and ease of use. With a wide range of options and features, these devices provide the perfect solution for optimizing control and monitoring functions in various systems. Whether for industrial automation, building management, or energy optimization, our products deliver exceptional performance and value.

Explore Our Range

Enhance your control and monitoring capabilities with our high-quality timers and monitoring relays. Explore our comprehensive range to find the ideal products for your specific needs and ensure optimal performance and safety in your applications.



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