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Beacons & Alarms

Our range of control and signalling devices include beacons, towers, strobes, and audible alarms, which are manufactured in Europe and USA

Surface Mount Beacons & Sirens
70mm Stack Light LED Tower
Beacon & Siren Combo
Panel Mount Siren
Modular Devices
Panel Mount Beacons & Sirens
Pilot Lights
Pole Mount Devices
50mm Stack Light LED Tower

High-Performance Auer Beacons and Alarms for Effective Signalling

Our range of Auer beacons and alarms provides reliable and effective signaling solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. Designed for high visibility and audibility, these devices ensure that critical alerts and warnings are communicated clearly and promptly.

Key Features

High Visibility: Bright, long-lasting LEDs and rotating or flashing lights ensure visibility in all lighting conditions.

Loud Audible Alarms: Powerful sounders provide clear and audible alerts, even in noisy environments.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand harsh industrial conditions and environments.

Versatile Mounting Options: Available with multiple mounting options for easy installation on walls, ceilings, or equipment.

Wide Range of Models: Available in various sizes, colors, and configurations to meet specific signaling requirements.

Weather Resistant: Many models come with high IP ratings, making them suitable for outdoor use and resistant to dust and water.


Industrial Automation: Signals machine status, process stages, and alerts for operator attention in manufacturing environments.

Safety Systems: Provides critical alerts for fire alarms, evacuation signals, and other safety notifications.

Public Buildings: Used in security systems, public address systems, and emergency notifications in schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Transport and Logistics: Ensures clear signaling for loading docks, warehouses, and transportation hubs.

Marine and Offshore: Suitable for use in harsh marine environments, signaling operational status and emergency alerts.


Enhanced Safety: Improves situational awareness and response times in emergencies or critical situations.

Reliable Performance: Delivers consistent and dependable alerts with high visibility and audibility.

Customizable Solutions: Wide range of models and configurations allow for tailored signaling solutions to meet specific needs.

Ease of Use: Simple installation and operation, reducing setup time and maintenance efforts.

Energy Efficient: Utilizes efficient LED technology for low power consumption and long service life.

Types of Auer Beacons and Alarms

Why Choose Our Auer Beacons and Alarms?

Our Auer beacons and alarms are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in a wide range of applications. With a focus on durability, visibility, and ease of installation, these signaling devices are essential for enhancing safety and communication in any environment. Whether you need robust industrial alarms or versatile beacons for public buildings, our range offers the perfect solution.

Upgrade Your Alerting Systems

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations with our high-quality Auer beacons and alarms. Explore our selection to find the ideal devices for your signaling needs and ensure clear, effective communication in all situations.


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