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Easy Set Timeclock

When a simple but uber reliable timeclock solution is required, our Schrack modular analogue timeclock is a quick and easy to set and forget solution.

The perfect connection system for lighting

Landscape and archiectual lighting requires connectors that not only perform the electrical connection function but also meet the environmental demands of being dust and water proof.

Save $$ on our Power Supplies

Its a New Year, and we have new pricing on our power supplies! Not only will you save money on our supplies, but due to the compact design you will also save valuable real estate in your design!
Control station on warship

Military Control Products by Otto

OTTO specializes in precision controls for the most demanding military and aerospace applications, offering a wide variety of product offerings and configurations, such as actuator styles, circuitry configurations, electrical ratings, terminations, button styles, and standard grip shapes. Meet your military specifications with OTTO grips, joysticks and over 3500 military qualified control switches that are designed and tested to meet the highest standards. Our controls feature high cycle life, extreme temperature ratings, fully sealed, and resistance to potentially harmful environmental elements.

What do numbers in an IP rating mean?

The numbers that follow IP (Ingress Protection) each have a specific meaning. The first indicates the degree of protection (of people) from moving parts, as well as the protection of enclosed equipment from foreign bodies (dust, dirt, objects etc). The second defines the protection level that the enclosure enjoys from various forms of moisture (drips, sprays, submersion etc)

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Our IP66 enclosures are known for their durability and strength to withstand demanding environments like, manufacturing plants, outdoor installations, or areas with high exposure to moisture, chemicals or pollutants.

Multifunction Timers

Our Schrack 7 function timer is made in Austria and din mountable. It can operate with a wide input voltage range of 12-240V AC/DC.

The most versatile and durable Waterproof Connector from Switches Plus

Landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pumping, and signage applications, are some of the toughest tests for electrical connectors. Often subjected to freezing and high temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy rain, chemicals and even full submersion in water, or buried underground, the connectors need to perform year after year.

Check out our circuit breakers

CBI and Noark are brands you can trust and when it comes to circuit protection, where your life or equipment is on the line we don’t compromise. We stock a comprehensive range of AC and DC MCBs for the Australian market.

Schrack Main Switches

Load-break switches can be used anywhere where compact ON-OFF switches with large contact gaps (isolators), high contact pressure, and greater short circuit protection is required.

Check out our fans and heaters

With Summer fast approaching we stock a large range of enclosure fans and thermostats to keep your enclosure contents cool.

Electrical Enclosures IP66 and UV protection

Our range of enclosures is vast and offers you the ability to house and protect your electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components from environmental conditions as well as protect personnel from equipment risks.

Distribution Blocks

We are stocking distribution blocks, which are ideal for splitting conductors in power distribution circuits, or used to combine current sources such as batteries into a single large conductor in renewable energy systems.

Signal Towers

The new PC7 signal tower from Auer Signal is one of the most versatile signal towers, available. In terms of creative design, performance, application possibilities and future suitability, it just can’t get any better!

Expanded range of Din Mounted Power Supplies

We have expanded our range of Din mounted power supplies, and now carry both modular, and industrial designs. Our industrial range are very compact in size and exceptionally well built, with a 24V 20A supply only 48mm wide, saving you valuable real estate in your design.

Noark DC Breakers in stock at Switches Plus

We are happy to announce that we are now carrying stock of Noark's world leading DC circuit breakers in both the 500V DC MCB, and the higher rated, DC MCCB ranges in Australia., typically for solar systems with 30kW or more of installed capacity.
The new Signal Tower Modul Perfect 70 (PC7)

Beacons & Alarms - Loud & Clear Signalling

Our Signalling devices are often used for long distance signalling. The high sound level and high luminosity of the products make them especially suitable for applications where visibility and sound over a long distance are important.
Solar Panel Grid Protection Relays

Renewable Energy with Grid Protection Relays

The grid and system protection relay, NA003-M64 from TELE Haase, provides secondary protection monitoring, where grid and system protection is required, typically for solar systems with 30kW or more of installed capacity.

Techno Connectors light up the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Techno IP68 connectors are specified and used to provide connections for the lighting system at the Singapore Grand Prix night time race. These waterprrof connectors are chosen for the high IP rating, excellent electrical performance, robust construction and ease of use.

Techno Connectots light up Gardens by the bay in Singapore

The Supertree grove at Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay are connected with Techno TH400 waterproof cable joiners.
Otto Control Grips Application

Specialist Control Grips OTTO

Meet your military specifications with OTTO grips, joysticks and over 3500 military-qualified control switches that are designed and tested to meet the highest standards.
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Industrial Control Switches

The new M22 series of Industrial Pilot devices, combine modern European styling with an attractive slim design, long life, and worldwide approvals.

Citylink Sound Tube Connectors

Melbourne's Sound Tube has been upgraded with advanced lighting technology, creating a dynamic user experience. Over 10,000 Techno connectors from Switches Plus were used to power the lighting elements, providing efficient installation and minimal repair time. Techno's waterproof Tee connectors are durable and require no maintenance, making them suitable for challenging environments.

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