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Otto B2-5 hero

Good things come in small packages

The B2-5 subminiature basic switch with lever offer several advantages over other basic switch options.
Group 2000

IP66 cable entries for all shapes and sizes from Conta-Clip

Connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP supplies versatile components for simple and time-saving cable management.
Otto P7 Mil Spec

Rugged & Ready Pushbuttons

The P7 series is a rugged, momentary action subminiature switch available with both round and square buttons.

Flange Plate KDS-FP – Cable Management at its Best

With the KDS-FP flange plate, CONTA-CLIP takes the tool-free click-and-push concept of their cable entry system KDS Click to a larger scale for control cabinet construction.
Scharck Contactors

Exploring Contactors - Your Essential Guide

Contactors are an electro-mechanical device for frequent or rapid switching of circuits on and off, ideal for high-current applications
techno moulded lead

Techno Connectors now available in overmoulded versions

Many applications within industrial automation and LED lighting often require cables that can withstand repeated bending and disconnecting.
Techno distributor

Goodbye junction boxes!

With the new TH624 current distributors it is possible to create parallel branches for power and signal applications, optimising installation and maintenance times and costs.

Designed with the end-user in mind.

OTTO’s HTWF friction hold thumbwheel actuator is designed for a positive user experience, efficiency and, of course, long life cycle.

Stainless Steel Enclosures - Quality at Great Prices

Our IP66 enclosures are known for their durability and strength to withstand demanding environments like, manufacturing plants, outdoor installations, or areas with high exposure to moisture, chemicals or pollutants.

New Push In Transformer Terminals For Saving Time and $$$

The connection technology expert CONTA-CLIP has introduced a new series of particularly easy-to-install terminal blocks with innovative push-in wire connection for fast, tool-free wiring of transformers.
Otto control grips

Contour Grips

Improve operator comfort with OTTO’s line of ergonomically designed Contour Grips. Designed to fit the natural curve of the hand, the grips minimize strain on the wrists and arms.
Techno Casambi 4

IoTH212 Casambi: elegance and versatility for “smart” architectural lighting

The new IoTH212 "Casambi ready" is one of the latest additions to Techno's IoTH® platform, designed to satisfy the need to integrate and combine traditional electrical and electronic components with new data management solutions in the architectural lighting field.
Mil spec

Exploring Mil Spec Connectors - All you need to know

MIL-SPEC connectors, also known as MS Connectors, have been developed for tactical service and aerospace applications since the 1930s, Lets explore what they are and how to select what you need.

Techno Connectors light up Gardens by the bay in Singapore

The Supertree grove at Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay are connected with Techno IP68 Environmentally Protected Connectors

Are Cables my biggest fire risk ?

Electric cables provide the connectivity for buildings. If the essential cable systems fail during a fire it could have devastating consequences.


TOPFLEX® TRI-RATED H07V2-K cable complies with EN 50525-2-31, BS 6231, UL 758 and CSA C22.2 international standards.
Contaclip terminals

Exploring Terminal Blocks; All you need to know

What are the important things you should be considering when specifying a terminal block? Selecting some of the major components, like PLC’s and electronics, is a hard enough task, so choosing the proper electro-mechanical items can be overlooked.
Top Cable Marine

Marine cables installation and maintenance

Marine cables installation should be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel who are familiar with the marine environment and the specific requirements for marine cable installation.
Schrack relays

Exploring Relays; All you need to know

A relay is an electrically operated switch. Electrical relays, traditionally, use an electromagnet to mechanically operate the switch. However, newer versions will use electronics such as solid-state relays.
Industrial cable

Xtrem® H07RN-F, the rubber cable for industrial and mobile use

XTREM® H07RN-F rubber cables, also known as rubber or neoprene cables, are extremely flexible, robust and resistant. They are widely used in industrial areas and in installations requiring cables subject to constant bending and twisting movements.
Techno Wireless

Solutions for IOT Wireless Applications

Through the IoTH Techno platform, you can create and adapt your smart projects by flexibly choosing the features you want to integrate to meet the needs of your projects and those of your customers.
Techno sensor-banner-1322x560

Solutions for IOT Sensor management

The need to transfer signals to and from electronic devices requires maximum flexibility of the technical solution. Techno is able to develop advanced connection solutions for the control of lighting and smart electronic devices, including: drivers, sensors and controllers.
OTTO CAN Joysticks

CANbus Joystick Bases and Grips

OTTO offers a wide assortment of CAN-enabled joysticks. Our large and medium Hall effect joysticks can be combined with an OTTO grip, including the G3-C grip, which has its own CAN board. Or select a mini joystick for tight spaces.

CANbus Rocker Switches

The CAN Rocker is a CANbus technology-enabled, programmable operator control module. The module is ideal for panels and armrests in heavy equipment and vehicles. The rugged, multi-position CAN Rocker boasts three switches, each of which features two illuminated legends.
OTTO Keypad

CANbus Keypad

The CAN Keypad is a watertight, programmable, CANbus-enabled controller that can communicate with other CANbus products on the same network.
CAN Alarm Main

CANbus Ready Alarms & Lighted Alarms

The industry leader in audioalarm technology is now CAN-Ready! Use our audibles and lighted alarms on your existing J1939-15 CAN network.
TECHNO IOT banner-1322x560

IOT Solutions for wired applications

Techno is able to offer interoperability solutions capable of managing and connecting various analog and/or digital devices in indoor and outdoor application areas.
TH394 cover

Revolutionise Panel Installations with Techno Bulkhead Connectors

With the use of Bulkhead Connectors, the installation times of an electrical device or luminaire are drastically reduced compared to the use of normal cable glands, in fact, thanks to the innovative wiring technology, the electrical connection is carried out from the outside of the device for a simple and quick installation, without opening the device/luminaire.
Top Cable Marine

Marine Cables

A full range of power, control, instrumentation and low voltage marine cables. All of them available in screened and unscreened versions and also according to the fire performances: flame and fire retardant, and fire resistant.
Techno Industrial

Connectors for industrial and warehouse lighting

Inside industries and warehouses, lighting affects the well-being of workers, workplace safety and department productivity. In addition to light fixtures and LEDs, manufacturing companies must pay attention to the lighting project as a whole , and use components and connectors that can comprehensively respond to the needs of individual departments.
Top Cable VFD Cable tech page

Variable Speed Drive Cables (VFD cables)

VFD/VSD or EMC cables have been specially designed for use in installations where it is necessary to limit the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), also know as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
Techno infrastucture

Connectors for Infrastructure

Large outdoor areas need lighting systems that make the area usable even during the night. For the transport and infrastructure sector, Techno develop connector systems designed to measure the needs of each site
Techno Urban Lighting

Connectors for urban lighting

Urban lighting increases safety , increases the sociability of citizens and improves the image of the city in the world. The need for systems capable of combining style and reduced consumption has led to increasingly beautiful solutions from an aesthetic point of view.

Medium Hall Effect Joystick with Grip Options

The HJMG3 is a top mount JHM medium Hall effect joystick with a variety of grip, faceplate, output and gating options.
Techno sports

Connectors for Sports Lighting

In sports competitions, the quality of light can transform every match into an unforgettable event. Adequate, glare-free lighting improves television footage and emphasizes the athletes' movements.
Techno horitcultural lighting

Horticulture & Livestock Lighting

Lighting technology plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the right amount of artificial light for indoor breeding and cultivation , and the connectors become the fulcrum of efficient and modular lighting systems.

Exploring the difference between an AC circuit breaker and a DC circuit breaker?

With DC power becoming more integral in our lives through renewable and energy storage systems it's important to understand the important differences between an AC Circuit Breaker and a DC circuit breaker.
Top Cable VFD motors

Top Cable ROZ1-K, the power supply cable for motors with VFD drives

The high performance cables for powering variable frequency drive (VFD) motors feature a symmetrical 3C+3G configuration, double shielding for 100% coverage, and a halogen-free outer sheath, providing maximum system reliability and stability.

Exploring the difference between an AC contactor and a DC Contactor?

The differences between AC (Alternating Current) contactors and DC (Direct Current) contactors primarily stem from their design and performance characteristics tailored to their respective power sources.
Techno Architectural

Connectors for Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting affects the public perception of urban spaces . In addition to improving the safety of certain areas, such as stations or historic centers, a city lighting project enhances buildings, monuments or entire neighborhoods, transforming them into the very symbol of the city.

Finger Joystick with Pushbutton Option

Our HTLT Series miniature Hall Effect joystick from OTTO is a proportional linear output finger joystick with a pushbutton option featuring 6 different button styles.
Techno LED Italy

Watertight electrical connections for Lighting Projects

Architectural lighting enhances buildings and open spaces, enhancing their identity and aesthetics. To protect it adequately, highly reliable electrical connection solutions are needed.
LP30M-D_H__1B - Custom Start Stop Green LED - Side View

Rugged start/stop switches for vehicles in demanding applications

The LP30M offers rugged, sealed construction with LED illumination in a large, 30mm diameter, button. This precision snap-action switch is designed for use in off-highway, material handling, industrial controls, marine, medical and other demanding applications.
Cable Management

Discover the future of cable management with our cable entry systems!

Discover the future of cable management with our cable entry systems! Tired of tedious cable glands? We have the solution!

Otto Sealed Dome Pushbuttons for Rugged for Wet & Dusty Environments

The P7-D pushbutton is a double break, momentary precision snap-action switch with a contoured dome style round or square pushbutton for use in instrument panels, grips, computers, heavy equipment and other applications where attractive rugged pushbutton switches are required.
HP7 Hall effect pushbuttons

Ottos' 10 Million Cycles, Contactless Hall Effect Switch Technology

The HP7 is a momentary pushbutton switch that utilizes Hall Effect sensor technology for long life contactless switching.

Exploring the difference between an RCD and an RCBO

In the realm of electrical safety devices, distinguishing between Residual Current Devices (RCDs) and Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs) is crucial. This guide will help with the differences between an RCBO and an RCD, aiding in selecting the most suitable option for your needs.
Me-81 Limits

Exploring Limit Switches; Your Essential Guide

A limit switch is a robust device that uses the contact of a moving part to activate the switch actuator which triggers the electrical contacts, allowing the circuit to be turned on or off.
Otto P7 Switch Group

Commercial and Military Specification Switches

The P7 series incorporates OTTO controls patented double break design in a significantly smaller package than the P1 series. These subminiature switches embrace today’s technology requirements by allowing for a large number of switches to fit within a faceplate or a small panel space.
G3C Group

Otto High Performance, Heavy Equipment and Material Handling Grips

The G3-C Grip is designed for use with OTTO controls push-buttons, rockers, toggles and Hall effect switches, and can handle many types of high-performance industrial vehicle, material handling and machinery applications.

Check out our enclosure heaters.

With the colder months fast approaching, we stock a large range of cost effective heaters and thermostats to protect your installation from condensation.

Check out our Schrack Easy Set Timeclock

When a simple but uber reliable timeclock solution is required, our Schrack modular analogue timeclock is a quick and easy to set and forget solution.

The perfect connection system for lighting

Landscape and archiectual lighting requires connectors that not only perform the electrical connection function but also meet the environmental demands of being dust and water proof.

Save $$ on our Power Supplies

Its a New Year, and we have new pricing on our power supplies! Not only will you save money on our supplies, but due to the compact design you will also save valuable real estate in your design!
Control station on warship

Military Control Products by Otto

OTTO specializes in precision controls for the most demanding military and aerospace applications, offering a wide variety of product offerings and configurations, such as actuator styles, circuitry configurations, electrical ratings, terminations, button styles, and standard grip shapes. Meet your military specifications with OTTO grips, joysticks and over 3500 military qualified control switches that are designed and tested to meet the highest standards. Our controls feature high cycle life, extreme temperature ratings, fully sealed, and resistance to potentially harmful environmental elements.

What do numbers in an IP rating mean?

The numbers that follow IP (Ingress Protection) each have a specific meaning.

Multifunction Timers

Our Schrack 7 function timer is made in Austria and din mountable. It can operate with a wide input voltage range of 12-240V AC/DC.

The most versatile and durable Waterproof Connector from Switches Plus

Landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pumping, and signage applications, are some of the toughest tests for electrical connectors. Often subjected to freezing and high temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy rain, chemicals and even full submersion in water, or buried underground, the connectors need to perform year after year.

Check out our circuit breakers

CBI and Noark are brands you can trust and when it comes to circuit protection, where your life or equipment is on the line we don’t compromise. We stock a comprehensive range of AC and DC MCBs for the Australian market.

Schrack Main Switches

Load-break switches can be used anywhere where compact ON-OFF switches with large contact gaps (isolators), high contact pressure, and greater short circuit protection is required.

Check out our enclosure fans and heaters

With Summer fast approaching we stock a large range of enclosure fans and thermostats to keep your enclosure contents cool.

Electrical Enclosures IP66 and UV protection

Our range of IP66 metal enclosures protect your electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components and protect personnel from equipment risks.

Distribution Blocks

We are stocking distribution blocks, which are ideal for splitting conductors in power distribution circuits, or used to combine current sources such as batteries into a single large conductor in renewable energy systems.

Signal Towers

The new PC7 signal tower from Auer Signal is one of the most versatile light towers, available. In terms of creative design, performance, application possibilities and future suitability, it just can’t get any better!

Expanded range of Din Mounted Power Supplies

We have expanded our range of Din mounted power supplies, and now carry both modular, and industrial designs. Our industrial range are very compact in size and exceptionally well built, with a 24V 20A supply only 48mm wide, saving you valuable real estate in your design.

Noark DC Breakers in stock at Switches Plus

We are happy to announce that we are now carrying stock of Noark's world leading DC circuit breakers in both the 500V DC MCB, and the higher rated, DC MCCB ranges in Australia., typically for solar systems with 30kW or more of installed capacity.
The new Signal Tower Modul Perfect 70 (PC7)

Beacons & Alarms - Loud & Clear Signalling

Our Signaling devices are especially suitable for applications where visibility and sound over a long distance are important.
Solar Panel Grid Protection Relays

Renewable Energy with Grid Protection Relays

The grid and system protection relay, NA003-M64 from TELE Haase, provides secondary protection monitoring, where grid and system protection is required, typically for solar systems with 30kW or more of installed capacity.

Techno Connectors light up the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Techno IP68 connectors are specified and used to provide connections for the lighting system at the Singapore Grand Prix night time race. These waterprrof connectors are chosen for the high IP rating, excellent electrical performance, robust construction and ease of use.
Otto Control Grips Application

Specialist Control Grips OTTO

Meet your military specifications with OTTO grips, joysticks and over 3500 military-qualified control switches that are designed and tested to meet the highest standards.
Image 4

Industrial Control Switches

The new M22 series of Industrial Pilot devices, combine modern European styling with an attractive slim design, long life, and worldwide approvals.

Citylink Sound Tube Connectors

Melbourne's Sound Tube has been upgraded with advanced lighting technology, creating a dynamic user experience. Over 10,000 Techno connectors from Switches Plus were used to power the lighting elements, providing efficient installation and minimal repair time. Techno's waterproof Tee connectors are durable and require no maintenance, making them suitable for challenging environments.

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