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Connectors for Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting affects the public perception of urban spaces . In addition to improving the safety of certain areas, such as stations or historic centers, a city lighting project enhances buildings, monuments or entire neighborhoods, transforming them into the very symbol of the city.

Whether it is museums, historic buildings and villas, squares, fountains, monuments, stadiums, bridges or conference centres, with architectural lighting it is possible to emphasize the most characteristic aspects of urban space and create atmospheres that citizens like and attract tourists . To be able to make the most of the city , however, architectural lighting technology must respect the continuity between architecture and landscape, masterfully calibrate the light beams and create a solid, long-lasting and efficient technical structure.

Techno Architectural Solution

Techno solutions for architectural lighting

By supporting Italian and international companies in the creation of long-lasting and reliable systems, Techno have acquired specific technical skills for the architectural lighting sector, creating ad hoc products.

Direct collaboration with designers has in fact allowed us to develop connectors with minimal dimensions, easy to install and at the same time very high-performance and reliable. From connectors suitable for immersion in water, perfect for lighting fountains, up to connectors that resist even -40° without compromising their functionality, our solutions are able to satisfy all the needs of the architectural sector, providing components that, although invisible to the eyes of citizens, they determine the success of the lighting project as a whole.

Connectors and systems for every building

Techno historical
Historical buildings

The lighting of the facades of historic buildings and villas must take into account the overall architectural style and create a continuum between past and present. The use of small connectors helps to give greater prominence to the style of the facade, making the lighting system almost invisible.

Techno Fountains
Fountains and monuments

The water features and the plastic details of statues and decorations become even more spectacular if illuminated with solutions from below or with light bodies immersed in water, which emphasize the details and amplify the emotions conveyed. To do this, however, it is necessary to have stable connections, which are not damaged by contact with dust, liquids and debris.

Techno Stadiums
Stadiums and conference centers

Architectural lighting increases the perceived value of the most modern buildings, such as stadiums and conference centers, transforming them into the symbol of contemporary architecture. The use of connectors resistant to atmospheric agents, easy to install and resistant to traction, creates suggestive lighting effects in line with the modern style of these architectures.

Techno Streets
Streets and public gardens

With the right lighting, streets and public gardens can become the center of city sociality, helping residents and tourists to reclaim open spaces even at night. A well-calibrated lighting system equipped with efficient connections guarantees constant lighting and prevents sudden malfunctions.

The benefits of well-designed architectural lighting

In architectural lighting the design phases play a decisive role . Only through the careful study of light sources, light beams and connections between the various devices is it possible to create a system that welcomes visitors, transmits their emotions and makes them feel good. Furthermore, a project created with latest generation lamp bodies and connectors helps to optimize installation and maintenance times, prevents malfunctions , speeds up the lighting of very large spaces and fades into the background, giving even more space to the magic that is created when the light beam meets the architectural structures.

The technical needs of architectural lighting

Mechanical seal

Architectural lighting systems are exposed to atmospheric agents, but also to acts of vandalism, which is why the connections need an excellent mechanical seal that prevents tampering with the systems or sudden disconnection between the socket and plug.

Series connections

Illuminating squares, monuments or entire buildings with just one spotlight or street lamp is almost impossible. Architectural lighting must provide series connections between the different devices and have effective connectors that allow a linear organization of the entire system.

Water resistance

When you want to illuminate fountains and open spaces, the use of water-proof connections is a necessary requirement to avoid short circuits and damage to the entire system. To be effective, connections for the architectural sector must resist humidity, but also direct contact with water and immersion.

Small size

Architectural lighting must enhance buildings, monuments and streets, not suffocate them. In addition to discrete light bodies, therefore, the entire system and in particular the connectors must be small, so as to "disappear" from the eyes of citizens and leave room only for the emotions aroused by the light.

Easy maintenance

Large lighting systems need practical solutions that facilitate maintenance and allow even inexperienced personnel to intervene. The connectors, in particular, must guarantee facilitated connections, Easy-click systems and hooks that avoid any installation errors.


The connections of an architectural lighting system can be made with both rigid cables and flexible cables of different sizes. The specific connectors for this sector must adapt to different diameters and different types of cable to offer high-performance solutions in each specific project.

Adaptability to IoT systems

Architectural lighting technology is also moving towards Smart management of light beams: from bodies that are activated upon passage, to cutting-edge solutions that change intensity and direction over time, the entire system, including connectors, must be able to adapt to IoT solutions to facilitate lighting management.

Techno connectors for architectural lighting

For architectural lighting we have designed specific connectors that meet all the needs of designers of lighting systems for urban spaces.

Our connectors have co-molded seals and protect cables from contact with dust, debris and water, even in harsh situations, such as immersion in fountains and swimming pools. They are resistant to temperature changes from -40° to +125°C, have an anti-tamper system that resists mechanical traction, resist cable bending and are approved to adapt to both alternating and direct current.

The Easy-click system and the structure with screw wiring speed up installation and maintenance operations, while the small size and the possibility of adapting the connectors to both rigid and flexible cables makes them customizable based on the real needs of the lighting project for which are destined.

Techno slider TH381

Connectors tailored to your idea of light

In addition to the production of standard connectors born from the needs of the lighting sector, the technical preparation of our engineers pushes us to face new challenges every day and design connectors tailored to specific application needs.

Don't put limits on your creativity! Design the lighting spaces you want: we'll take care of the reliable connections!

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