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Connectors for Sports Lighting

Lighting that transmits emotions

In sports competitions, the quality of light can transform every match into an unforgettable event. Adequate, glare-free lighting improves television footage and emphasizes the athletes' movements, giving spectators excellent visibility of the playing field and individual actions. The absence of flickering and visual disturbances increases the comfort of those on the field and promotes concentration.

Furthermore, from a commercial point of view, a well-designed lighting system allows you to create light shows , "wave" effects and more eye-catching advertising billboards that attract sponsors and investors. To obtain these results, however, each system must be created with innovative components capable of withstanding high voltages, and for prolonged periods, without reducing its performance. LED headlights and connectors become the key to lighting stadiums, arenas, tracks and sports facilities with efficient systems, appreciated by athletes, fans and professionals.

Techno basketball

Techno solutions for sports lighting

Our experience in the lighting sector has allowed us to know firsthand the needs of each application sector and to support system manufacturers in creating solutions for the sports sector.

From listening to the needs of athletes, spectators and sponsors, as well as from continuous discussions with designers of luminaires and light bodies, our lines of connectors and power distributors were born which withstand extreme conditions of use and, at the same time, are easy to install and to be maintained over time.

With our support, designers of lighting systems have therefore transformed complex and ambitious projects into reality, certain of being able to count on electrical connectors that remain high-performance and which, over the years, reduce costs and maintenance interventions.

Connectors to illuminate every type of sport

Optus Stadium
Stadiums and football fields
In stadiums, lighting technology is essential to create light displays that attract sponsors and to create an atmosphere suitable for television coverage of matches. Furthermore, modular systems that are easy to connect/disconnect allow the stadium to be transformed into a space for events and concerts, multiplying the possibilities for opening the system.

Techno tennis
Indoor tennis
In indoor tennis, lighting technology helps athletes focus their attention on the ball without distracting them with flickering and strange reflections. Furthermore, through the use of LED systems and appropriate connectors, it keeps the temperature of the gaming space under control, making the atmosphere more pleasant and further increasing players' concentration.

Techno gyms
Gyms and arenas
Halls and gyms require lighting systems that can change according to the needs of each sport, but also avoid overheating of the environment and make the gaming experience pleasant for both spectators and athletes: results that can be achieved with systems custom designed and suitable modular connectors.
Techno cars
Car circuits
In Formula 1 circuits or motorcycling tracks, adequate lighting allows drivers to concentrate on the track without distractions, but the extreme conditions of use make it necessary to use high-performance headlights and connectors capable of resisting water, heat, vibration, and UV rays without causing malfunctions and sudden shutdowns.

Sports lighting that increases revenue

Sports lighting, in addition to improving the visual comfort of athletes and fans, influences the management costs of the facilities.

LED systems, for example, reduce CO2 emissions and contain electricity costs, while latest generation connectors ensure continuous operation of the system, reducing extra-ordinary maintenance interventions to a minimum.

In addition to lowering costs, however, a well-designed and built system also turns into a source of income for operators. In fact, efficient and latest generation lighting solutions capture the interest of sponsors and push them to invest in advertising inside stadiums, arenas or tracks.

The use of latest generation connectors, power distributors and over-molded connectors with cable make installation and modifications almost immediate, thus allowing us to respond to sponsor requests in a faster and more dynamic way.

The technical needs of sports lighting


The lighting engineering needs of the sports sector lead the system to have to support continuous bending and disconnection. Connectors that install easily, power distributors that can be modified and overmolded connectors with cable allow you to create flexible lighting systems without the risk of errors during installation.

Moisture resistance

Especially in stadiums and car tracks, the facilities are subject to atmospheric agents. The connectors present must be well insulated and resistant to keep the system active even in case of rain or snow, and reduce the number of extra-ordinary maintenance necessary.

UV resistance

In outdoor environments, UV rays can ruin lighting systems just as much as rain and frost. Headlights and connectors must be certified to resist even high temperatures without deforming and without compromising the correct functioning of the system.

Series connections

To illuminate large spaces and make system management more efficient, even in the sports sector the connectors must allow series connections that are easy to create and modify according to the needs of each event or match. Additionally, the ability to have power distributors or connectors overmolded with wires speeds up power changes while reducing the risk of errors.

Homogeneous diffusion

Light interference distracts athletes, ruins television footage and makes it difficult for spectators to watch. The lighting systems for stadiums, arenas, swimming pools and car tracks must have a constant power supply that allows adequate lighting of the entire space, from the stands to the playing field.

Reduced heat

In indoor arenas, gyms and swimming pools, heat affects the comfort and performance of athletes. The use of LED systems and suitable connectors allows the internal temperature to be kept constant, also positively influencing the spectators' experience.

Techno connectors for sports lighting

Our experience in the sports lighting sector has led us to develop specific connectors and power distributors that are easily installed, do not require particular maintenance, are long-lasting and resist even extreme conditions of use in outdoor environments. Furthermore, the creation of small connectors improves the overall aesthetic appearance of the lighting system, while the overmolded connectors with cable speed up changes to the power supply, reducing management times and costs.

Techno solutions

Connectors tailored to your idea of light

In addition to the production of standard connectors born from the needs of the lighting sector, the technical preparation of our engineers pushes us to face new challenges every day and design connectors tailored to specific application needs.

Don't put limits on your creativity! Design the lighting spaces you want: we'll take care of the reliable connections!

Check out our connectors for sports lighting:

Maxi 3-8 Poles
Micro 2-3 Poles
Mini 4-5 Poles
Push/Pull 3-5 Poles
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