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Techno Urban Lighting

Connectors for urban lighting

Make our cities safer and more welcoming with the right electrical connections.

Urban lighting has a triple value:

  • it increases the safety of squares, gardens and streets at night,

  • it increases the sociability of citizens,

  • it improves the image of the city in the world.

Municipal administrations and public bodies are therefore investing more and more in the design of urban lighting systems with an attractive design , without forgetting costs and energy consumption.

The need for lighting systems capable of combining style and reduced consumption has led manufacturers to design increasingly beautiful solutions from an aesthetic point of view, but also high-performance and ecological, which fit into the architectural and landscape context of the historic center or peripheral areas, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

To do this, the entire system must be made with latest generation components: efficient LEDs, resistant materials and practical and compact connections, capable of hiding the actual system, and showing citizens only the emotion of the play of light /shadow that are generated.

Techno Urban Lighting 2

Techno solutions for streets and urban furniture

Techno engineers have always been attentive to the needs of the lighting market and have supported designers and installers of architectural lighting, street lamps and street furniture from the beginning to find practical and effective solutions.

From continuous investment in R&D Techno have designed and created electrical connectors resistant to shocks and atmospheric agents, including an 8-pole connector that adapt to the most demanding conditions despite having dimensions 60% smaller than traditional industrial sockets . Techno connectors are equipped with anti-tamper systems , are modular and allow safe and intuitive installation , thus preventing errors during the wiring phase.

Thanks to our solutions, urban lighting can thus enjoy all the safety and durability guarantee it needs, without having to give up the aesthetic appearance of the structure of the lamp body and the discretion of the electrical connections.

Connectors and systems for every situation

Techno Parks
Parks and gardens

In parks and public gardens the presence of plants and hedges makes the area even darker at night. Thanks to street lamps and lighting systems, access paths become safer and value can also be given to specific green areas by creating natural environments where artificial light is not invasive.

Techno Squares

In squares, the right lighting system increases the sociability of the space, but can also highlight decorative elements and fountains, creating plays of light that are amplified by the architectural forms present in the square and blend with the drops of water to create magical settings.

Techno Streets & Alleys
Streets and alleys

The solutions for the lighting of streets and alleys include both the technical needs of infrastructure lighting and attention to the design and architectural context of the city. The result is lighting systems that facilitate traffic without weighing down the space or breaking its balance.

Techno Palaces
Palaces and monuments

In the lighting of buildings and monuments, the light bodies, as well as the electrical connections, must go unnoticed, to give maximum emphasis to the style of the facades, porticoes and external spaces, and only solutions with reduced dimensions can offer maximum performance without becoming disturbing elements.

Techno pedestrian
Pedestrian areas

In pedestrian areas, lighting technology plays a fundamental role from the point of view of city sociality. Well-lit pedestrian areas encourage people to leave their homes, frequent bars and clubs, liven up the city center and create events that attract tourists.

Techno Parking
Parking lots

In urban car parks, as well as large station and airport car parks, good lighting is essential to give motorists good visibility during manoeuvres, but also to make the space safer and reassure citizens who have to cross large areas on time. night.

The benefits of effective lighting in your city

Illuminating central or peripheral urban areas increases the visibility of pedestrians and motorists and consequently prevents crimes such as muggings, sexual violence and vandalism, but that's not all. From a social point of view, recent studies have shown that living in a well-lit city after sunset improves mood, encourages citizens to experience urban spaces even in the evening and has a positive influence on people's perception of the city. All this transforms into trust, especially if the urban lighting systems are designed and built with care, are elegant, high-performance and created with energy-saving solutions, which do not increase municipal spending, do not increase city taxes and help to reduce CO2 emissions, transforming the city into a welcoming and pleasant space to live in, both day and night.

The technical needs of lighting

UV resistance

The external use of city lighting systems requires the use of light bodies and connectors that can resist UV rays without overheating and without compromising their mechanical characteristics.

Moisture resistance

Lighting systems for urban streets, squares, gardens and buildings must resist humidity and avoid direct contact between cables and water, whether as condensation, rain or other external agents. The use of the latest generation materials and technologies guarantees the correct insulation of the system and prevents short circuits and malfunctions.

Modular systems

In the urban lighting sector, malfunctions of one device or another are commonplace. The possibility of creating series connections with the use of power distributors that are easy to connect/disconnect allows you to speed up maintenance operations without having to leave an area in the dark.

Constant diffusion

LED lights, high-performance connections and well-designed systems spread light evenly and constantly over the entire area of interest, avoiding flickering and light halos that can reduce visibility and cause accidents or visual disturbances.

Easy installation

The use of Plug & Play solutions, which can be easily connected and disconnected to meet specific lighting needs, lowers installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, they prevent the risk of incorrect connections that affect the operation of the entire system.

Resistant mechanics

The effects of exposure to atmospheric agents, but also continuous mechanical stress, make it necessary to create urban lighting systems that can resist impacts, avoiding creep and sudden breakages.

Techno connectors for urban lighting

For the urban lighting sector, Techno focused on the safety aspect and the dimensions of the connectors.

In addition to having to resist atmospheric agents, UV rays, water and condensation infiltration, the connectors recommended for urban lighting have special anti-tampering systems, which avoid breakages and sudden disconnections due to impacts and acts of vandalism. Furthermore, they are designed to be positioned anywhere and can be supplied with special supports that facilitate fixing even vertically.

Their dimensions are equivalent to 60% less than common industrial sockets, making each connection almost invisible. They can also be mounted on recessed light fixtures, which guarantees excellent performance from an application point of view.

Techno Urban 3

Connectors tailored to your idea of light

Don't put limits on your creativity! Design the lighting spaces you want: we'll take care of the reliable connections!

Check out our connectors for urban lighting:

Maxi 3-8 Poles
Micro 2-3 Poles
Mini 4-5 Poles
Push/Pull 3-5 Poles
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