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Landscaping, irrigation, lighting, pumping, and signage applications, are some of the toughest tests for electrical connectors. Often subjected to freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy rain, and even full submersion in water, or buried underground, the connectors need to protect wiring year round, with no requirement for maintenance or repair. The Tee range of waterproof products from Italian manufacturer, Techno, are ideally suited to these types of applications and many more. Techno connectors are re-useable, as they do not require gel, and accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.

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Techno Waterproof Connectors: Reliable Connections in Harsh Environments

Techno Waterproof Connectors are designed to provide secure and reliable connections in environments where exposure to water and dust is a concern. These connectors are ideal for a variety of applications, ensuring robust performance even under extreme conditions.

Key Features

IP68 Rating: Provides complete protection against dust and continuous immersion in water.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to withstand harsh environments.

Easy Assembly: Simple and quick to assemble, reducing installation time.

Secure Connections: Ensures reliable electrical connections, preventing disconnections or failures.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

UV Resistant: Designed to resist UV radiation, making them suitable for outdoor use.


Outdoor Lighting: Ideal for connecting outdoor lighting systems, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Marine Equipment: Provides secure connections for marine applications, including boats and docks.

Industrial Automation: Ensures reliable connections in industrial automation systems exposed to water and dust.

Agricultural Equipment and Horticulture: Suitable for use in agricultural machinery and systems exposed to the elements.

Renewable Energy: Used in solar and wind power installations to ensure reliable connections.

Transportation: Suitable for vehicles and transportation systems exposed to varying environmental conditions.

Building Facades and Architectural Lighting;


Enhanced Safety: Prevents electrical hazards by providing secure and waterproof connections.

Reliable Performance: Ensures continuous operation even in harsh conditions, reducing downtime.

Long Lifespan: Durable construction ensures a long service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Cost-Effective: Reduces maintenance costs by providing reliable and durable connections.

Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of applications, providing flexibility in various environments.

Environmental Resistance: Withstands UV radiation, chemicals, and temperature variations.

Types of Waterproof Connectors

Circular Connectors: Designed for easy mating and secure connections, commonly used in lighting and marine applications.

Push-Pull Connectors: Ensures quick and secure connections with a simple push-pull mechanism.

Screw-Lock Connectors: Offers a secure connection with a screw-lock mechanism, ideal for applications requiring high security.

Bayonet Connectors: Provides quick and secure connections with a bayonet locking system.


Material: High-quality plastic or metal for durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Current Rating: Available in various current ratings to suit different applications.

Voltage Rating: Suitable for different voltage levels, ensuring compatibility with various systems.

Operating Temperature: Designed to operate reliably in a wide range of temperatures.

Cable Gland Size: Available in different sizes to accommodate various cable diameters.

Contact Plating: Gold or silver plating for enhanced conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Techno Waterproof Connectors?

Techno Waterproof Connectors are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With features like an IP68 rating, durable construction, and easy assembly, these connectors provide secure and reliable connections in the harshest environments. Whether you need connectors for outdoor lighting, marine equipment, industrial automation, or renewable energy systems, our range of Techno Waterproof Connectors offers the perfect solution.

Explore Our Range

Ensure the reliability and safety of your electrical connections with Techno Waterproof Connectors. Explore our comprehensive range to find the ideal products for your specific needs and ensure robust performance in any environment.


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